Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hellooooo??? Anyone still here?

Well. It's been awhile. So I thought I'd report some cuteness.

 #1 - I walked into nursery at the end of church on Sunday to find my sweet Summer sound asleep with her teacher's suit coat draped over her. He said she had a doll in her arms and laid down in the middle of the floor with a bunch of kids playing around her. He and the other teachers noticed she wasn't moving, so he went over to her, and finding her asleep, moved her onto a softer makeshift bed in the corner.

 #2 - I am often behind on news. As I was driving Belen to preschool I heard something on the radio about John Kerry being our new secretary of state. So I called Holden to ask when this took place. While talking I mentioned the names Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and President Bush. We talked about Hilary Clinton's concussion and that Kerry ran against Bush a few elections ago. After I got off the phone Belen asked, "What happened to John Kerry?" Me: "Nothing, Hilary Clinton had a concussion, but she's ok now." Belen: "Did she run into a Bush?" Me: "No, that's the name of our last president of the United States." Belen: "That's a funny name. Is he all pokey (prickly like a bush I assume)?"

 #3 - While reading a book with several nursery rhymes and songs blended together we came across the Three Blind Mice. Belen said, "Jesus needs to come help them get unblinded." We are having a lot of fun.

Yes, even in Rexburg Idaho. We swim, go to gymnastics, go to the awesome indoor track to exercise on campus, play with friends and play a lot of hide and seek.


Nancy said...

Hey you. Welcome back. I just recently came back to the blog world too. Miss you guys!

Dave said...

Hello Nicole, it sounds like you guys are having a blast in Idaho I am in Houston Texas now working for Exxon Mobil. we got to go dancing on Kathleen's birthday I forgot a lot of steps but we had fun

higginaries said...

The wit and the wisdom of three-year-olds! Belen is brilliant!

Nicole said...

Miss you too Nance!

Dave - congrats on the job. Houston is not too bad, I lived in Spring for a bit. Glad you're still dancing, very fun your wife enjoys going too!

Cha said...

I love the moments! And I have to laugh because I feel so out of the loop. Whenever I hear something, I call Clinton to find out more. Usually, I think it is breaking news, but I'm often a week or so behind.
Thanks for sharing.