Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary

This video may be a little long for most of you, but what else do yo have to do?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hellooooo??? Anyone still here?

Well. It's been awhile. So I thought I'd report some cuteness.

 #1 - I walked into nursery at the end of church on Sunday to find my sweet Summer sound asleep with her teacher's suit coat draped over her. He said she had a doll in her arms and laid down in the middle of the floor with a bunch of kids playing around her. He and the other teachers noticed she wasn't moving, so he went over to her, and finding her asleep, moved her onto a softer makeshift bed in the corner.

 #2 - I am often behind on news. As I was driving Belen to preschool I heard something on the radio about John Kerry being our new secretary of state. So I called Holden to ask when this took place. While talking I mentioned the names Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and President Bush. We talked about Hilary Clinton's concussion and that Kerry ran against Bush a few elections ago. After I got off the phone Belen asked, "What happened to John Kerry?" Me: "Nothing, Hilary Clinton had a concussion, but she's ok now." Belen: "Did she run into a Bush?" Me: "No, that's the name of our last president of the United States." Belen: "That's a funny name. Is he all pokey (prickly like a bush I assume)?"

 #3 - While reading a book with several nursery rhymes and songs blended together we came across the Three Blind Mice. Belen said, "Jesus needs to come help them get unblinded." We are having a lot of fun.

Yes, even in Rexburg Idaho. We swim, go to gymnastics, go to the awesome indoor track to exercise on campus, play with friends and play a lot of hide and seek.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Holden and Visit from the Nel Family

My dear husband had a birthday on Friday. We love him and are so happy he is ours. Happy Birthday Honey! Also, my niece Almira, her husband Kyle and sweet baby girl Alice visited us this weekend. Lucky us! Belen had a very hard time waiting for them to get here. It was a great time. We talked, played, ate and talked about eating :) Unfortunately we did not take pictures. Next time! But we did love having them here and hope, even though we're moving across the country, that it won't be too very long before we get together again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good-bye to North Carolina...Hello Idaho!

If you haven't heard, Holden will be working at BYU-Idaho as professor of Biology starting in August. We are very excited and proud of him for his hard work in his post-doctorate fellowship here at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC. We have enjoyed North Carolina and are sad to leave friends we have made here in the past 4 years. Our family has grown from 2 to 4 here in Chapel Hill, so we have many wonderful memories from our time here that will be dear to us always. The humid Summers have been almost unbearable, but we will miss the NC Springs and Falls which are fantastic. We're excited to have more snow to play in and are looking forward most of all to being closer to our families and friends in the West. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity as this was Holden's first choice for a long time, and we believe this will be a great move for our family. Thank you and love to all, near and far, who have supported, taught and loved us these past 4 years in small and big ways.